Errand Services in Alexandria

Do you need help with any of these Errand Services in Alexandria?
Wait for services, Light Cleaning, Companionship, Transportation,
Concierge services, Party/Event planning, Prescription Pickup/Drop off,
Calling touch, Same day delivery, Grocery shopping, Reservations/ Appointments, House-sitting, Bank Deposits, Order Flowers, Organizing, Purchase Returns, Mail Runs, Document Runs.
Above are a list of things that take up most of your time. You tend to neglect those you love as well as yourself. Here at Errands On Us, our errand runners assist you by doing your shopping, same day delivery, and/or making your reservations.
As one of the business capitals of the U.S., Alexandria’s Business Professionals travel in and out of the state and we give them a piece of mind through our house-sitting service and other services we provide. Our concierge services of Atlanta are good for seniors, busy career professionals, working parents, and those who work long hours, split shifts or night shifts. Errands On Us provides our members with assistance with a personal touch by giving of ourselves and in return giving our members the feeling that all of their errands were done by their own hands.


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