What Are Independent Living Facilities? Should You Move In?

Are you getting old and need some assistance? Are you going to Retire and think about moving to independent living facilities? Do you have some queries about adult assisted living facilities suitable for you or not?

Now it’s time to explore all about independent living facilities. We have managed to do a great deal of research about all kinds to find better senior living facilities. So you can make up your mind whether to move there or not.

How Independent Living Facilities Work?


An independent living facility works on the mechanism of a personal house. All the principles of housing are followed in such facilities. But in most cases, these facilities are only for the people having old age.

All of these facilities aim at providing a home-like environment for the senior residents in return for some amount. However, there are some independent living facilities for specific age group people and such people who are disable having some kind of disease.

All of such living facilities pay much attention to taking care of health so they monitor health status 27/7.

Facilities In Independent Senior Apartments

Every facility tries hard to maximize the residents. The main purpose is to achieve a natural home-like environment for the adults who are unable to perform daily basis tasks.

If we talk about the common facilities in most of the independent living facilities are the following:

  • 3 meals in a day
  • Health observation
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Barber salons
  • Golf course
  • Different clubs

All of these are the basic facilities that almost every adult assisted living facilities. However, some facilities provide some customization according to every member but they also can charge extra for such dedicated facilities.

Types Of Independent Living Facilities

In the USA there are a number of assisted living facilities. It becomes hard to decide which facility is most suitable for you or your relatives.

However, when you come to know about the working pattern and kinds of living facilities you will be able to choose one of them.

  • Retirement Care Communities

These facilities are specifically for the people who have attained the age of 55 years or more. It is the age of retirement and a person is unable to perform the daily basis task.

Most of the retirement-based facilities are those that offer their employees after retirement facilities.

It is a kind of allowance in return for the retirement of any employee. The fee for such facilities is mostly on the companies where the resident has been working. So all of such independent living facilities provide basic facilities to their residents.

  • Government Subsidized Facilities

The government also provides funds to the facilities for better senior living standards. In these facilities, the payable fee is much less as compared to others. So it is the best option for the people having love income.

  • Special Care Apartments

In case of any person having some health-related issue and there is the need of being 24/7 observation, then it is the best solution instead of going to the hospital.

In special care apartments, the residents can have a staff of doctors and nurses to take care and in case of emergency, they respond quickly.

  • Private Senior Apartments

These types of independent living facilities allow the seniors to buy a specific apartment or unit which has been taken care of by the communities. So through different senior living amenities, they charge some amount accordingly.

Should You Move To Independent Living Facilities?

When you are thinking about shifting to living facilities but you have some questions and fears that are causing stress, you should move or not.

Well-living facilities are not jail but helpful to live a better life. All of the living facilities are to help the seniors by providing a quality life.

In assisted living facilities you can make friends, carry your hoppy, have specific facilities, meet with family whenever you want and also health-related facilities.

Therefore, you should not worry about the strict atmosphere or anything because they provide maximum independence to the residents. The only thing you should focus on is choosing the right facility and the right package.