Limitation of Liability

Mahandru Associates LLC with an online name as Errands at a Click (’s liability for any sort of damages is limited to $100 unless a higher replacement value is declared at the time your order is placed. Errands at a Click will assume additional liability for a fee of $50 per $500 of value to a maximum of $5,000. The declared value represents Errands at a Click’s maximum liability. Any claims for damage or loss must be reported to Errands at a Click within 72 hours of delivery. Loss in excess of the declared value is assumed by the Client.

Errands at a Click shall not be liable for:

(i) any claims resulting from an act of God, force majeure, the authority of law

(ii) any loss, damage, or delay beyond our control for any reason

(iii) any consequential or incidental damages.

The liability of Errands at a Click for damage, loss, mis-delivery, delayed delivery or non-delivery is limited to $100 per shipment (regardless of the number of items) unless additional insurance is specified and declared.