Corporate Concierge

Your employees have their own busy lives outside of the office—and they appreciate when their company knows it. Providing a concierge service for your employees shows you value their contributions to your company’s success.

In the exciting world of hospitality, there are high-net-worth-individuals who are looking for perfection in service delivery. we are recognized specifically to cater our member’s special request and to fulfill each of their expectations.

Studies show that corporate concierge service provides a wide array of profitable benefits for companies including better retention and reduced absenteeism. When employees are free of additional day-to-day responsibilities, they can focus on work without distraction.

We provide comprehensive services for your business with our dedicated team we will diligently provide solutions and services within a set time frame.

Employee recognition program

Corporate Travel and Hospitality

Planning Meetings

Private dinner planning

Overseas assistance

Employee Benefits and Concierge Services

Guest Relationship

Handling Management Affairs

Corporate party arrangement

Customized travel arrangements

Customer Royalty Program

Airport pickup and hotel check in

Setting new business

Offsite business trips

Corporate events planning

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“I would like to extend my gratitude towards your team for always been there for me. Whether I ordered my business contracts delivery of extreme privacy, or even it was a last moment planning and arrangement for my child birthday, you people have always exceeded the expectations. Really appreciated.”

Mr. Chris Mathew

“I have used the Errands at a Click for couple of times for my medical concierge services for my clinic in Washington. They are very reliable and trustworthy. I just text them once and forgot about the task by having a trust that my job will be done, and they never disappointed me”

Dr. Ziad

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