Personal Concierge

Life moves fast and so do you. Tasks, work, errands, chores, the list goes on and on. Our personal concierge services help our clients liberate themselves from the mundane and promote more convenient, fulfilling, and fun lives.

We offer personalized assistance in your day to day life. Our professional team will ensure your needs are satisfied and we will make every effort to exceed your expectations, save you time, make your life more efficient and hassle free.

While the list below is representative of some of our service offerings—it is by no means exhaustive. When it comes to fulfilling our clients’ requests, imagination is the only limit to what we offer as long as the services are ethical and legal.

Banking Assistance and Bill Payments

Surprise Gifts & Package Delivery

Personal Luxurious Requirements

Entertainment and Recreational Requests

Auto Services

Personal Services, Care & Companionship

Errands and Reminders

Grocery & Shopping

Gift Purchasing, Wrapping & Deliveries

VIP entry to clubs & Tickets to events

Online Surfing, Booking and Appointment Scheduling

Domestic Assistance

Household & Care taking

Restaurant reservations

Medical Concierge Services

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“I would like to extend my gratitude towards your team for always been there for me. Whether I ordered my business contracts delivery of extreme privacy, or even it was a last moment planning and arrangement for my child birthday, you people have always exceeded the expectations. Really appreciated.”

Mr. Chris Mathew

“I have used the Errands at a Click for couple of times for my medical concierge services for my clinic in Washington. They are very reliable and trustworthy. I just text them once and forgot about the task by having a trust that my job will be done, and they never disappointed me”

Dr. Ziad

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